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Why Aurangzeb, a slaughterer of Hindus is admired in Hindustan (India)?

Aurangzeb committed a lot of atrocities in our country. He killed our many Sikh Gurus. He set fire to the Nalanda University library, which kept burning for 3 months. Our scriptures were burnt; people were abused and tortured and were forced to change their religion. He jailed his father and killed his brother. Yet, we have a road (Aurangzeb Road in Delhi) and city (Aurangabad) name after him!

The Economic Servitude of India – Part III

What kind of society do we wish to leave for our children? Ask people this question. Take each Tehsil, district and state towards self-sufficiency. Talk to each and everyone about this. Tell everyone in each village that on every street, tree must be planted. There are so many different kinds of trees – sandalwood, peepal, neem, etc. we must safeguard the wealth of our nation. It is vital to keep it safe. In the village when we need wood, we just go ahead and chop down a tree, without thinking about the fact that the future generations would be left without any wood or trees. Tell each person that before cutting down one tree, they must plant at least five trees in its place. This custom is elaborated in our Shastras.

The Economic Servitude of India - Part II

Tea is grown in India and the packaging is also done here. Because of an error in judgement by Nehru, the money earned from the tea is also remitted out of the country. The teabag that is made for 10 paisa is sold at Rs. 10/-. They are robbing India. Hindustan Lever products like Lifebuoy soap have been used since childhood. It seems as if it is Indian. But all the money goes abroad. There were so many soft drinks companies in India like Limca, Campa etc., but these foreigners did not let any of these companies stay in production. Within a span of 2-3 years, they have ruined these Indian companies. Toothpaste, soap, etc. are all produced in India, so why should we buy those that are manufactured by foreign companies?

The Economic Servitude of India

India has suffered political servitude, but now we are moving towards a situation of economic servitude. It is now an imperative that all the people are made aware of this. Ex. One kilo of potato chips (uncle chips) is purchased by people at Rs. 400/-. The potatoes cost maximum of about Rs. 20/- per kg. Even with a cost of oil and packaging it should be a maximum of Rs. 40/- per kg. And how much do we pay? Rs.400/-! Where does the balance money go? This money goes outside India and contributes to India becoming that much poorer.

What do you know about the Indian National Anthem?

It says “Jan Gan Man Adhinaayak Jai Hai” Who is Adhinaayak Lord? Who are we singing this for? This song was written to welcome George V to India during British rule. Till today we continue to sing the song written in praise of him! This kind of foolishness even after 65 years of Independence is unheard of in any other country. “Jai Hai, Jai Hai” who are we saying this to? This is for George V of England as if he still continues to be the person to ordain India’s destiny, even today.

Do you know why people wear ties?

In the 16th century, when British soldiers were holding their guns in the cold, they needed to wipe their running noses continuously. Finding it difficult to take the handkerchief constantly from their pockets, it became convenient to tie a piece of cloth around their necks. The elite did not wear ties. They were only to be worn by the middle-class servants. Now this custom has started in our country as well and the people don’t have any idea about its origin. Moreover, wearing necktie restricts blood flow to the brain and hinders development, especially in children.

Why did India get independence at midnight?

Have you ever heard of any assembly meeting in the middle of the night? Many people do not know the reason behind this midnight assembly. Lord Mountbatten consulted astrologers enquiring as to when would be the most inauspicious time to proceed with something. The astrologers informed him that the most inauspicious time would commence at 11:00 pm on the 14th August 1947 and would end at 02:00 am on the 15th August. Anything done during this period would be extremely detrimental to anyone or anything. And this is exactly what happened.